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The Kearny County Bank Trust Department, a division of the Kearny County Bank, is here to assist you in saving for your retirement and helping with your investment needs. It is the objective of the KCB Trust Department to provide businesses and consumers with a variety of services designed to assist them with their non-deposit financial needs and help them attain their financial goals.

Personal Trust Administration

Our senior trust officer has over 20 years of experience in administering living and testamentary trusts. Personal trust administration involves following the instructions left to us in your estate planning and trust documents. Personal trusts offer you the assurance that your estate plans will be carried out with efficiency and privacy.

Investment Services

Our investment services are designed to provide you access to non-deposit investment products. For all of our investment accounts, we design a diversified portfolio of investments that meet your investment goals and tolerance to risk.

Farm Management

For local or non-local landowners, we offer farm management services. We are experienced in farm operations, government farm programs, tenant relations, and crop insurance. We can help you eliminate the hassle of managing your farm land.

Retirement Plans

One of our specialties is offering retirement plans for businesses and individuals. We can provide a full range of IRA’s profit sharing plans, 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s and simplified employee plans. We offer you flexibility in constructing and managing your retirement plans with the experience it takes to make them work.

Investments/Securities products are NOT DEPOSITS and are NOT INSURED by the US GOVERNMENT or the FDIC and are NOT GUARANTEED by The Kearny County Bank. Investments/Securities products CARRY INVESTMENT RISK and MAY GO DOWN IN VALUE.

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