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FAQ - VISA® Check Cards

Q: What is the difference between a "Credit" transaction and a "Debit" transaction on my VISA® Check Card?

A: Purchases made with your VISA® Check Card that require a signature are considered "Credit" transactions. Purchases made via the internet or telephone are typically processed as "Credit" transactions as well. This type of transaction typically results in a "hold" being placed on funds (in the amount of the purchase) in your checking account on the date of purchase. The merchant will process a subsequent transaction to debit the funds from the account. Any transaction in which a PIN is entered is considered a "Debit" transaction. Typically, the funds are withdrawn immediately from your checking account when a "Debit" transaction is processed.

Q: What are the standard daily limits for ATM/POS withdrawals on my VISA® Check Card?

A: Standard card limits are set to $755 daily for ATM and daily POS (Point-of- Sale) transaction amount is based on the availability in your account.

Q: How do I report a card Lost or Stolen?

A: If a card is Lost or Stolen during normal business hours, call (620) 355-6222 or (620) 271-9700. If a card is Lost or Stolen outside of normal business hours, call our 24-hour support line at 877-226-2351.

Q: If I am traveling, do I need to notify the Bank that I will be using my VISA® Check Card?

A: Yes, you should always provide the Bank with travel dates and locations. For security reasons and as a result of growing fraudulent activity, the Bank may opt to block certain transactions, based on amount and/or location. Letting us know your travel plans ahead of time will help ensure that your card does not get declined or blocked for unusual card activity.

Q: Is there a fee to replace my VISA® Check Card?

A: Yes, the Bank currently charges $5.00 for a replacement card.

Q: How can I change my current PIN?

A: You can change your PIN number at any branch location.

Q: How do I report fraudulent activity on my consumer VISA® Check Card? (Business cards not included.)

A: If you suspect fraud on your card, contact us immediately. In order to receive an initial credit for the lost funds, you will be required to sign paperwork (at any branch) documenting the details of your dispute. The Bank will credit your account for the full amount of your claim within 10 business days of receiving your signed paperwork. The Bank will conduct an investigation of your claim (Reg E timeframes apply) and will report the results of the investigation to you in writing within three business days of its completion.

Q. If I gave a merchant my VISA® Check Card number and authorized them to debit my account, but now I want them to stop, what can I do?

A: You must first follow the "cancellation terms" that were set forth in your original Agreement with the merchant. If you have already taken the required steps to cancel your agreement and the vendor continues to debit your account, you may then dispute any further charges with the Bank, provided that you notify us within 60 days of the receipt of your account statement that contains the disputed charges.

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