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FAQ - Mobile and Web Banking

Q: What is Mobile Web Banking?

A: A service that enables you to access your account information, conduct transfers, and pay and manage your bill payments from any mobile device that has Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan.

Q: What does Mobile Web Banking cost?

A: Mobile Web Banking at Kearny County Bank is FREE, but you are required to subscribe to a data plan through your wireless provider. You should check with your wireless provider if you aren’t sure whether additional fees might apply.

Q: Is Mobile Web Banking currently available to all users?

A: Mobile Web Banking is available to all online banking users that own mobile devices with Web browsing capabilities and that subscribe to a data plan through a wireless carrier.

Q: Which mobile service providers support this service?

A: The service works on all major mobile providers in the U.S., including but not limited to:  AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless.

Q: How does Mobile Web Banking work?

A: From a mobile device with Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan, all you have to do is open a browser and enter Kearny County Bank’s URL ( to access the Kearny County Bank mobile banking home page.

Enter your user ID and password – the same you use for Internet Banking – and select the LOGIN button. Register your phone by entering the One-Time Passcode we send you and get started.

· Access Your Accounts – the Mobile Web Banking experience is virtually the same as online banking, just a smaller screen.

· Pay Bills – you must first register and set up your payees on a PC before using bill payment through mobile banking.

· Make Transfers – you must have more than one account on Internet Banking for this functionality to be available in mobile banking.

Q: What other options are available on the Mobile Web login page?

A: You will see links to Kearny County Bank branch/ATM locations, and information on how to contact a local branch.

Q: How much account history can I see on my phone?

A: When you select an account name link on the Accounts tab, the last 30 days of history will be displayed. Use the vertical scroll bar to view all history.

Q: Can I change accounts on the Transaction History page?

A: Yes, just locate the dropdown field below the Change Date Range fields, and then select another account from the list. The display will refresh to show recent transactions for the new account.

Q: Where can I locate the transaction details?

A: Within the Transaction History page, just click on the payee name (e.g. Dillons) to see the transaction details including: date, amount, type of transaction, reference #, store name and ID.

Q: What different kinds of funds transfers are available?

A: On the transfer tab, you can enter an immediate transfer between your accounts using the Transfer Now feature or, to schedule a transfer, use the Schedule Transfer link.

Q: Can I see a scheduled transfer on my phone?

A: Yes, just select the View Scheduled Transfers link on the Transfer tab to see up to 10 transfers scheduled over the next 30 days. If you have more than 10 transfers scheduled, just select the View More button.

Q: Can I change or remove a scheduled transfer?

A: Yes, you can do both. One the Schedule Transfer page, scroll down and use the Edit Scheduled Transfer link to change the Amount, From Account, To Account or Date for any future dated one-time transfer. You can use the Delete Scheduled Transfer link to remove a future dated one-time transfer.

Q: Why can’t I access the Bill Pay tab?

A: The Bill Pay tab is only enabled for users that have signed up for Bill Pay within the online banking application on a personal computer and have set up one or more payees (people or companies you want to pay). When you are ready to make payments on your phone, selecting the Bill Pay tab will open the Make a Payment page.

Q: Can I register for Bill Pay on my phone?

A: Not at this time. You have to access online banking using a personal computer, find the Bill Pay button and enroll there. Chances are, you automatically signed up for Bill Pay when you signed up for online banking. If so, all you need to do is set up one or more payees to get started.

Q: How do I make a payment using my phone?

A: Select the Bill Pay tab and review the Pay from account (to change it, select another account from the dropdown field and select the Change button). Then select a payee name link from the list and enter the Amount of the payment and the date to send the payment (as mmddyyyy) then select the Pay button. A confirmation message is then displayed, select OK (or Submit) to continue.

Q: Can I see pending payments?

A: Yes, just select the Pending Payments link on the Make a Payment page to see up to 10 pending payments closest to today’s date. Use the vertical scroll bar to view all 10 payments or select the View More button to see additional payments.

Q: Can I delete a pending payment?

A: Yes, on the Pending Payments page, scroll to the payment you want to delete and select the Cancel link. Then confirm that you want to delete the payment.

Q: Can I see completed payments on my phone?

A: Yes, just select the Payment History button on the Make a Payment page. You will see the most recent 10 payments that have been made. Use the More History button to see additional payments, a maximum of 90 days in the past. The details provided include the payee name, payment date, amount and “From” account.

Q: How do I log out?

A: When you are ready to log out, just select the Log Out button at the top right of the page to exit Mobile Web Banking and return to the Login screen.

Q: Is a password required for Mobile Web Banking?

A: Yes, you would use the same login information that you use for online banking (from your PC). No separate Mobile Web Banking sign-up is required.

Q: I have disconnected my mobile phone. Will my service continue to work?

A: For Mobile Web Banking to work, you must have a mobile device with Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan through a wireless carrier.

Q: I have a new mobile device and phone number. Will Mobile Web Banking work on it?

A: Yes. You can access Mobile Web Banking from any of your mobile devices, as long as the mobile device has Web browsing capabilities and an active data plan through a wireless carrier.

Q: Is it safe to bank using the Mobile Web Banking service?

A: Yes. To protect your privacy, you are required to authenticate yourself, using the same information from Online Banking, on each individual mobile device. All communication between your mobile device, wireless provider and the mobile banking server are encrypted. In addition, your passwords and account information are never stored by the mobile device or in the Mobile Web Banking application.

Q: Is help available through my mobile device?

A: For help regarding Kearny County Bank’s Mobile Web Banking product, contact a local branch by phone or by email.

Email communications with bank employees are not secured. Please do not include any confidential, personally identifiable information in your emails to the bank via this email address.

Secure chat feature is located via online banking.

(For help regarding your mobile device and/or wireless internet connectivity, contact your wireless provider.)

Q: What does the “Remember this Phone” checkbox do?

A: Selecting the Remember this phone checkbox activates extra security for your phone so you don’t have to enter a One-Time Passcode when accessing Mobile Web Banking using that phone. You also have the option to remove extra security from this phone, if needed, when you get inside Mobile Web Banking.

Q: Can I change the timeout value for my Mobile Web Banking session?

A: Five minutes is the only timeout option. For your security and protection, when there has been no account activity for five minutes, the session times out and displays the Mobile Web Banking login page with a Session Expired message.

Mobile Remote Deposit

Q: What is Mobile Remote Deposit?

A: Mobile Remote Deposit (MRD) is a convenient, secure, and free service offered by Kearny County Bank. Using your Smartphone or tablet, you can deposit your checks into your KCB accounts through our Mobile app. Likewise, with your desktop scanner and computer; you can electronically deposit your checks into your KCB accounts through Internet Banking.

Q: How does MRD work?

A: MRD gives KCB customers the ability to deposit a check into their KCB account from their Android phone or iPhone devices. The process has an image standard. Pictures of the front and back of check are required. Images that are too dark or light, or that do not fit within the photo section of the software will not be submitted. Make sure your checks do not have folded or torn edges as these items may be rejected.

Q: Is there a fee to use MRD?

A: No, MRD is a free and convenient service provided to KCB customers. However, if a check is returned for any reason, all other fees and charges apply. In addition, your access to MRD may be suspended or terminated.

Q: What are the requirements to use MRD?

A: Have a KCB consumer checking account in good standing; Have a KCB consumer account open for a minimum of 30 days; Have a valid email address; Be a KCB Online Banking user

Q: How do I register for MRD?

A: To register, download the KCB’s mobile app (Apple systems: App Store and Android phones: Google Play Store) and select the Deposit Checks icon. Read and accept the End User Agreement. Allow up to three (3) business days for your registration to be reviewed and approved. You will receive an email notification with the status of your registration request.

Q: How do I make a deposit using MRD (Smartphones and Tablets)?

A: Follow these easy steps:

  • From your KCB Mobile app, select the Deposit Checks tab.
  • Select the account into which you wish to make a check deposit
  • Enter the amount of the check
  • Endorse the check: To endorse the check, include the following information on the back of the check(s):
    • The words “For Mobile Deposit Only”
    • Payee’s Endorsement (your signature)
    • Take a clear picture of the front and back of your check(s)
    • Review, make adjustments (if needed) and press Send.

Q: What types of accounts can I make deposits into using MRD?

A: Deposits can be made to your Kearny County Bank consumer checking, savings, or money market account. Access to RDC for business accounts is not available at this time.

Q: What types of checks can be deposited using MRD?

A: Acceptable checks:

  • Single-party, domestic checks made payable to the owner(s) of the KCB account.

Unacceptable checks:

  • Not payable to depositor
  • Savings Bonds
  • Foreign checks
  • Third party checks: check made payable to an individual not listed on the account
  • Checks issued to multiple parties
  • Photocopies of checks
  • Previously returned checks
  • Substitute checks
  • Incomplete or altered checks
  • Stale-dated checks that are more than 6 months old
  • Checks that contain evidence of alteration to the information on the check
  • Check has duplicate MICR line
  • Check has missing MICR line information
  • Checks purported to be a lottery or prize winning
  • Checks previously submitted for deposit

Q: Are there any deposit limits?

A: Yes, default deposit limits are set as follows and are subject to review and change at any time. Per Deposit Limit: $3,000.00 Daily Deposit Limit: $3,000.00 Rolling 30-Day Deposit Limit: $10,000.00

Q: Do I need to include a deposit slip with my scanned or picture check deposit?

A: No. MRD generates an electronic record with each deposit.

Q: How many checks can be included in one deposit?

A: One check per deposit.

Q: When will my deposit be credited to my account?

A: Deposits received before 2:00 pm CST will be credited to your account on the next business day. Deposits received after 2:00 pm CST will be credited to your account in two business days.

Note: Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Q: What should I do with my check once I have completed the MRD process?

A: You must securely store each original check(s) for a period of sixty (60) days after you receive confirmation that your deposit has been accepted. You will receive an email notification when your deposit is accepted, or you can reference your account on Online Banking or your monthly statement to monitor your deposits. Once you acknowledge acceptance of the deposit, you can destroy the original check(s) by shredding or another secure method. Please note: you are solely responsible and liable for the security and storage of the original checks and take full responsibility for any loss or misappropriation of these checks.

Q: How do I get a copy of my deposit?

A: Your Online Banking access will allow you to print your deposits that have posted to your account.

Q: How do I get help if I encounter a problem?

A: Contact 620-355-6222 or 620-271-9700 if you encounter any issues or need additional information about RDC.

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