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FAQ - Electronic Statements

Q: How do I sign up to receive electronic statements (e-statements)?

You must first have Online Banking access to receive e-statements. In order to sign up for e-statements, log into Online Banking and click on the “EStatement" tab or "Additional Services" located in the upper right hand side of the screen and then “Products & Services” and accept the "Consent and Agreement for Electronic Delivery of Bank Statement”. The process may take 1-2 business days for the approval process. Accessibility to statements will begin the first month after registration.

Q: For which accounts will I receive e-statements?

A. You will receive e-statements for ALL statement accounts that are activated for Online Banking.

Q: If the Bank sends out disclosure information or customer education pamphlets in the paper statements, how will I get them if I have e-statements?

A: The Bank will post an electronic version of all correspondence (disclosures and educational materials) that are sent in the paper statements. These will be available for viewing in the "Notice” and “Customer Notice Summary” section within your e-statement.

Q: How long will a statement be available for viewing?

A: The Bank will archive for a minimum of 12 (rolling) months; beginning with the month following your registration for electronic statements.

Q: Am I able to print out my statements if I wish to retain a paper copy?

A: Yes there is a "Print Download Statement” feature link available within e-statement. The statement will print in an .pdf format.

Q: What if I no longer wish to receive e-statements?

A: You may submit a written request to the Bank to discontinue receiving statements electronically.

Contact the local branch to update your Bill Payment email address.

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